Maestro Capital is a management company investing in disruptive and high-value IT and Telecom projects. Maestro Capital specialises in developing telecom and IT projects, with special focus on fibre deployments, mobile services and advanced corporate connectivity projects. Maestro Capital is one of the investment companies with more potential in the UK scene. Maestro Capital  is based in London and has a wide network of partners that capture any funding or business opportunity.

Managed by a highly experienced, passionate group of individuals, Maestro Capital helps entrepreneurs and companies at any stage of their new project, from the business conception to its implementation and exit.

Our services


We offer consultancy services to telecom and IT projects helping them to make the business scalable and making it become highly successful. Our team is ready to help medium-sized enterprises create sustainable growth through successful expansion into one specific or international markets.


We define the corporate strategy in order to optimise operations and increase revenue streams, from operations and finance to market entry strategy, international lead generation and partner search.


We provide interim management services for the projects we get involved with. Our experts hold a vast experience in all key areas of a company development, from feasibility studies, new products and business development, market analysis and research for an optimal market selection.


We develop disruptive research and innovation projects related to energy efficiency, green IT, smart cities and smart grid. We believe in a sustainable world and the only way to achieve this is by investing in R&D to optimize the use of energy resources.

areas of investment

Fibre deployments in green fields
Telecom Infrastructure management
Datacentres and IT business services
Open access telecon networks
5G and Mobile Virtual Network Operations
Marketing automation and social media



We believe in a global, connected world. Our global network allows to reach investors across the globe. We have partners in Europe, Middle East, Asia and America.


Expertise and experience are at the heart of of every project we get involved with. Our C-level has +15 year experience in consultancy and developing telecom and IT projects. Only by counting on this experience can we complement any missing part of your business case, enrich it and help to develop it to make it become successful.


We are passionate about technology and we are enthusiastic to hear about new and disruptive ideas that can make people’s life better.



Systems integrator and FTTP ISP in suburban areas in Spain

Zero Emission RBS solution

Patented system to achieve Zero Carbon emissions

F&W Networks

Fibre-To-The-Premises and 5G neutral host in the UK.

Hey! Broadband

Customer-centric ISP offering ultra high-speed services

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