Why is Virgin Media taking months to fix my landline?

I’m running up massive bills on my mobile phone – and now my burglar alarm won’t work either

In April we had problems with our Virgin Media landline and were told we needed a replacement cable from the road to our house. A date was given but nobody turned up. This happened again. After numerous calls from our mobile, we were told Virgin was waiting to hear from the local authority as the road had to be dug up to access the cable. In early June, its “construction” department told me it had not received any such instruction. Each call triggered patronising responses such as “we realise how difficult this must be for you”. We were then told that restoring the line could take up to three months.

Because of this our burglar alarm, which connects to the police, is inactive, but we have still incurred monthly charges and have had to inform our house insurance company, again incurring extra costs and creating a vulnerable situation for our safety and security. We have also run up substantial additional costs to our mobile tariffs. This whole situation is very stressful.

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