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Apollo space missions | China’s emissions | Denis Healy sightings | Telephones | Identifying art

Further to Peter Avery’s letter about watching cricket outside a TV rental showroom (4 August), in the late 1960s I was an avid follower of the Apollo space missions. One day the BBC announced the next broadcast from the capsule was going to be the first in colour. We did not have a colour set, so I made sure I was in the shopping centre so I could watch it in a shop window.
Paul Dormer
Guildford, Surrey

• China may be the biggest source of carbon emissions on earth (Unsurvivable heatwaves could strike heart of China by end of century, 1 August) but it is not the biggest emitter per capita. According to the World Bank, that dishonour among industrialised economies goes jointly to Australia, Canada and the US. China is leading the world – with Germany – in developing renewable sources of energy.
Anna Chen
Ipswich, Suffolk

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