UK coronavirus live: Johnson U-turns on masks as experts fear up to 120,000 Covid-19 winter deaths

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Retailers and police must both play a role in enforcing the use of face coverings by shoppers in England, a Cabinet minister has said after officers warned the law would be unenforceable. The environment secretary, George Eustice, also defended the government’s U-turn on making face coverings compulsory, saying its approach had been “evolving” and noting […]

UK doing the wrong thing on Huawei, says Australian ex-spy

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Britain has done the wrong thing in allowing Huawei to supply it with 5G equipment because China cannot be prevented from exploiting the technology for mass surveillance, according to a senior former Australian spy. Simeon Gilding, a director of the Australian Signals Directorate until December, said his country’s intelligence agency was unable to design cybersecurity […]

UK Huawei decision appears to avert row with US

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Boris Johnson appears to have averted a full-blown confrontation with the White House over Huawei, after the government designated the Chinese technology firm a “high-risk vendor” and imposed a cap on its involvement in building the UK’s 5G telecoms network. The Trump administration had given a series of strongly worded warnings about the security risks […]

Huawei decision ‘like allowing KGB to build UK phone network’ in cold war, says US senator – live news

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Leading Republicans in Washington have criticised the government’s decision. Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, said it amounted to a “major defeat” for the US. (See 12.38pm.) Tom Cotton, a Republican senator, described the decision as like allowing the KGB to build the UK’s telephone network during the cold war. (See […]

Huawei should get a limited 5G role – the US trade deal can wait | Nils Pratley

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Should Chinese firm Huawei’s kit be banned from the UK’s 5G network? As with HS2, Boris Johnson is guaranteed to end up infuriating one side of the argument. The stakes, though, are substantially higher here, whatever the prime minister says about his hopes for compromise. One route could lead to trade conflict with the US. […]