Vodafone and TPG $15bn merger given green light by federal court

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A $15bn merger between Vodafone Australia and TPG has been cleared to go ahead, after a decision in the federal court. Australia’s consumer watchdog opposed a merger between the telecommunications companies in May last year because it would discourage competition in the mobile market. But federal court justice John Middleton said on Thursday the multibillion […]

Openreach overreach? Labour’s free broadband plan faces hurdles

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Free broadband – indeed, an ultra-fast fibre service delivered to every household and business – sounds a highly popular idea. And Openreach, BT’s broadband division, is a deserving target for nationalisation, one could argue. The watchdog Ofcom has been regularly frustrated over the years by the company’s foot-dragging over the pace of fibre optic roll-out. […]

UK firms overcharging loyal customers could soon face instant fines

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Firms that exploit consumer loyalty by overcharging longstanding customers could soon face instant fines under plans unveiled by the government. The “loyalty penalty” is estimated to be costing customers more than £4bn a year, according to consumer groups. The government is to consult on whether to give the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) new powers […]

‘My flat was built in 2017 so why can’t I get BT or Sky broadband?’

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Water, gas, electricity and broadband are essential household utilities, but a large number of new homes are being built without the infrastructure for a decent broadband connection – or, in some cases, with no service at all. Jennifer Offord, 36, bought her new-build flat in Hackney, east London, in February 2018, four months after it […]

What is 5G?

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As South Korean firms claim to have beaten their US rivals to become the first to roll out a super-fast 5G mobile network, we explain what exactly 5G is and what it means for you. What is 5G? 5G, for Fifth Generation, is the latest update to the raft of international standards that dictate how […]