Web browsing histories are being given to Australian police under data retention powers

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Law enforcement agencies are being provided with the web browsing histories of people under investigation using mandatory data retention powers, despite the federal government specifically excluding that practice in the legislation, the commonwealth ombudsman has warned. When the Coalition government passed mandatory data retention laws in 2015, the legislation explicitly ruled out forcing telecommunications companies […]

Plan for massive facial recognition database sparks privacy concerns

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If you’ve had a driver’s licence photo or passport photo taken in Australia in the past few years, it’s likely your face will end up in a massive new national network the federal government is trying to create. Victoria and Tasmania have already begun to upload driver’s licence details to state databases that will eventually […]

Telstra warns public trust will crumble unless access to data is limited

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Telstra has warned that public trust in the security of their data will be eroded if government agencies continue to be allowed access to it without appropriate authorisation. More than 60 agencies, including local councils, state coroners, Centrelink, the National Disability Insurance Agency and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, have been accessing data using a […]

Home Affairs plays down encryption law fears and promises to help industry cover costs

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The home affairs department has sought to allay concerns about encryption legislation rushed through parliament at the end of 2018, promising to help pay for the costs of new surveillance capabilities and to consult industry on implementation. In January the department contacted industry participants seeking help to write guidelines for the new regime of compulsory […]